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fly flat, FLY HAPPY


fly flat, FLY HAPPY

Got credit card points or frequent flyer points?

We take the PAIN OUT of using POINTS to book BUSINESS class

We use your points smarter to take you further

If you run a business, earn more points to fly cheaper, on a perpetual cycle



You've tried to find the flights, but discovered it is no longer easy,

You have points, but don't know how to best use them,

You can earn more points, but not sure if it make sense to pay the card fees,

You know you could do better, but don't have time to work it out,

You like to travel, but you deserve to fly better than economy.


Let someone else pay $4,000 to $8,500+ for Business class from Australia:

To: Europe, USA, Canada, India, UAE, South Africa or Anywhere in the world.


Use points with iFLYflat for $1,250 one-way, $2,450 round-trip (max).

(Inclusive of ticket taxes / per ticket)


Clients of iFLYflat use points and pay less to travel the world in business class


Don't waste your points on low value gift vouchers, products, low value economy flights or take the risk playing lottery hoping for that elusive economy to business upgrade.

Points are best used for high value business or first class flights.





What is the secret? 

The cost of accumulating frequent flyer points to fly is 50% cheaper than buying the same airfare.

Every company can earn points by using the right credit card to pay for business needs such as supplies, services, head-office expenses, contractors, travel, entertainment and even taxes to the ATO.

We uncover ways to accumulate more points at suitable surcharges, and take out the pain of redeeming points for business travel, delivering savings, higher productivity and enjoyment in the way you fly.





We help SMEs to $50m+ companies with a tailored credit card & frequent flyer points plan that cuts the cost of business travel, and manages your points to ensure benefits exceeds costs.



We work out the combinations to use your points, and solve the difficulty of booking hard-to-find & fast-changing reward flights, using smart and proven processes.




Two services designed to help you

Earn more points - Points Advisory

Use your points - Flight Concierge


Points Advisory: Audit, advice & membership

We recommend and maintain you on the best reward cards & frequent flyer programs for your business.

Get more value from all your points in a structured way. Designed to ensure value always exceeds the costs of using cards.

See our pricing

Points Concierge - Flight Finder & booking Service

We take the legwork and frustration out of finding and booking those hard-to-find, Business and First class flights with your points.

Proven process and expertise in award seat booking. Our service is raved about by all our clients.

See our pricing


Request information

Request information

You are invited to connect with our CEO, Steve Hui, the recognised innovator and authority on maximising points to help businesses cut the cost of business travel.

We also encourage you to google 'iflyflat' to see what others and the media are saying about us.



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Let us know approx how much your business spends. Spend = points earn potential = number of flights
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Our experienced team has booked 2,454+ frequent flyer flights. iFLYflat™ - The leaders in reward flight bookings across Australia.


Experts in frequent flyer programs across Qantas, Virgin, Singapore, Emirate, Etihad, Cathay and Malaysian Airlines, and across credit card programs offered by AMEX, Citibank, ANZ, Westpac, NAB, CBA and the 400 credit cards on offer in Australia. 



Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

See what our clients say about iFLYflat™


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