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Really great service! The painless way to find the maximum benefit from your award points.
— Wayne C.
This service is outstanding. Our business is reaping the rewards of having a points plan, and we’ve already booked our first trip to New York.
— Darren Stewart, Makin-Trax
Excellent service from Steve and his team, from the audit through to bookings, the service has been great. Thank you and looking forward to flying flat for the first time next year.
— Bruce B.
iFLYflat has helped me structure and use my points in a way that allows me to fly business class. I travel a lot for work and flying in comfort has helped me become more productive – I’m able to really focus on my work and get it done in peace. As soon as I land, I’m rested, prepared and ready to go. The team provides the most seamless, painless and helpful customer service. They’re always there when you need them, and make planning my flights so easy.
— Gina Lednyak, L&A Social Media
Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and the outcomes are better than I have ever dreamed they would be.
— Yvonne B.
It is clear that you know what you are doing and how to go about getting your clients from A to B flat!
— Diane Luccitti
iFLYflat is making Business Class affordable...
— Aaron Brooks
We’re extremely pleased. The practical advice by the team guarantee a better outcome for us every year going forward, and we’ve learned a lot too!
— Dr Adam Fletcher
Thank you! You have done so much for us, we are really please, excited and grateful.
— Sarah N.
Time is the biggest benefit. Navigating this myself would have been impossible.
— Elana Robertson
iFLYflat is the easiest way to get the most from your frequent flyer points. I’m a little bit savvy when it comes to booking flights but Desiree really showed me how the professionals do it. Amazing :)
— Brandan M.
Very impressed with how you have saved me time by not having to constantly check for flight availability. I cannot fault your service and would highly recommend!
— Nikki Barnes
I joined iFLYflat because I wanted to maximise our points building up through work expenses. We have been able to do so much more than we first expected being able to take a family holiday to America on points. You guys are terrific!
— Alison Christensen
James and I have been incredibly impressed by the speed and efficiency at which I fly Flat responded to our request for assistance booking flights for both our business trips to Spain and Fiji. Within a day we had options to choose from and when a flight had to be changed, Desiree responded quickly and sent daily updates until we found another suitable flight. In fact, one which used less frequent flyer points than the original! We love the incredible attention to detail, super friendly and efficient service and especially the cost savings to our business… We will only Fly Flat from now on.
— Bronwyn Taylor
I’ve just started to use iFLYflat and I’m thrilled with the results... All of a sudden I’m amassing all of these points on credit cards as suggested by the team and converting them into flights.

For so many years I tried booking economy to save cash and hoping for business class upgrades with points. Most of the time I was left disappointed. Now it’s easy and you’re virtually guaranteed Business Class every time. I would recommend iFLYflat to anyone.
— Sean Garlick, Garlo's Pies

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