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Do you have points, but find them hard to use?

Using points is the cheapest way fly Business and First class, but finding available seats can be painful and uncertain.

Airlines have made points harder to use. Seats are limited, upgrades are rare, and the rules keep changing. But they’re your points, and you want to use them. That’s where can help…

This Points Flights Concierge is available to help both individuals and companies.


We help you fly Business class the right way

At iFLYflat, we have formed a team who became the experts at finding and booking seats with points. Over the past 7 years we’ve refined our expertise across multiple airlines, redeeming over 431 million points helping our clients fly flat.

We know how to extract the value, use the right points with right airline, and how to lock in hard-to-find seats. Using points is a completely different system than booking a regular cash ticket. We’re like a travel agent but better, because they can’t do what we do.


7 Years In Operation

431+ Million Points Booked

$5,100 Av Trip Savings

Trusted Points Advice


Travel in comfort as your competitive advantage

Fly Business class more often, arrive in better shape, rested and ready to go.



From 232,000 points return


From 191,000 points return


From 120,000 points return


We make it easy to use your points to fly


Create a trip

Decide where and when you’d like to fly. Tell us how many frequent flyer and credit card points you have.

We find your seats

Our team works out the best options across every airline. Unlike airline support, we search daily till we find you the best seat/s.


Once your flight is approved our team will complete the booking with your points and charge a success fee. Stretch out relax.


Thousands of travellers agree


Put your points to work and save

Our Concierge operates on a success fee basis, meaning you only pay for a confirmed ticket. No more scouring for deals or hoping for an upgrade.

BUSINESS CLASS success fee


Australia to/from: iFLYflat Price Retail Prices
Asia $650 + taxes $2,000 ~ $3,000+
UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha) $750 + taxes $3,000 ~ $4,000+
The Americas, Canada (North and South America) $950 + taxes $3,000 ~ $5,000+
Europe, Africa, and the Rest of the World $850 + Taxes $4,000 ~ $6,000+
Australian domestic, NZ, Fiji $300 + Taxes $600 ~ $900+

iFLYflat flight finder success fees are quoted per person, plus applicable airline/airport fees & taxes. Flight changes require a new booking $300/per change ticket/pp. No refund for cancellations.

Fees applies to adding Stopovers, Infant bookings, or other special requests.
First class = Add $500 to business fees/pp. Premium Eco bookings = $300+taxes one-way/pp.

Sorry, we don't book Round-The-World points flights or upgrades!
Approx prices will be quoted at the start of every booking request. A $5 non-refundable start search fee applies to new bookings to help genuine clients and not tyre-kickers.



Why can’t I find & book myself?

Reward seats are changing everyday. Are you searching every day? Because our team is. Credit card and frequent flyer programs have complex relationships, so without the right technical and practical knowledge; you are likely wasting your points (and your time).

How far in advance do you need to start searching?

As a general guideline, we recommend two months for solo international travel. For 2x passengers: three months. For 3+ passengers: six months ahead. Success varies on the type of points you hold and where you’re flying to.

Some point/destination combinations will never have seats. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be wasting your time.

How do I know if I’m using the right points?

We’ve seen too many people waste their points, because they don’t know the correct number of points for their frequent flyer program / destination combination.

Check out our points calculator as a starting point to see how many points are required to fly, compared between various airlines and destinations.

Our team will ensure you use your points the right way to fly.

How much are airline taxes?

Approx Airline fees/taxes (each-way):
Asia $100~$400
UAE $200~$700
Americas $350~$500
Europe $200~$950
London $450~$1300 (UK Air Duty).

Each airline is different. Our team will provide an approx quote at the start of every booking request before we proceed.


Engage iFLYflat to book your flight

Our Concierge Team awaits. We know how to extract the most value and enable you to fly business class for less. Create a new booking request now.