iFLYflat is headquartered in Sydney Australia.

Supported by a team of 11, who are passionate on delivering amazing travel experiences achieved through the power of using points.


REACH Steve AND HIS TEAM directly:

(mobile) +61 403 538522 

or (office)  +61292581115

or steve.hui@iflyflat.com.au 


Either Steve or the right person from the team will get back to you.


  • You are managing a company with outgoings of any type (including ATO) of over $40,000/month, or

  • You have over 250,000 frequent flyer or credit card points,

  • In both cases, you can have enough points to fly Business class to any destination in the world (ticket value $8,000+)

General Enquiries:

Phone: +61 2 9258 1115

Address: Level 4, 17-19 Bridge St
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia.


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