We help SMEs to $50m+ companies with a tailored credit card & frequent flyer points plan that cuts the cost of business travel, and manages your points to ensure benefits exceeds costs.



We work out the combinations to use your points, and solve the difficulty of booking hard-to-find & fast-changing reward flights, using smart and proven processes.



Australia’s leading boutique points advisory company, providing tailored points advisory and luxury points concierge services.


Loyalty schemes are deliberately complex and constantly changing.
They want your loyalty, but they don’t really want to pay for it.

The rewards on offer are attractive, but they make you ‘jump through hoops’ and commit your time to avoid being caught out.

Reward flights are impossible to book and comparisons even harder.

So your points remain unused. And you spend doesn’t deliver the perks it should.

Truth is, it’s a game. A game they designed to reward themselves first, and reward you second or third. 


Well, we’re turning that game around.

If you are a business owner with a healthy spend, then we are perfectly set up to turn it around for you. Businesses have a natural advantage to earn points cheaply.

We uncover and manage points that you and your business naturally acquire, and convert them into affordable premium air travel.


We help you to uncover your hidden points & find the hidden flights.

Play it to your advantage.




Here is how...


The Personal Touch

There’s simply no substitute for someone who really knows you and can anticipate your needs.

That’s why all our clients deal with our own Personal Loyalty Account Managers who live in Sydney.

Someone who gets to know you and is on call on answer your rewards program questions, work out the best for your points and find/book your flights.

Say goodbye to the booking frustration.

If you have points, we are here to help you to make the most of them.

If you don’t have the points, we are help to help you to earn more points smartly & cheaply.

The Specialist Advantage

We are the only rewards points specialist service in Australia

And being a specialist means we go deeper.

No one matches up when it comes to the knowledge that really matters across Australia’s seven key airlines and credit card loyalty programs*.

It is this depth that uncovers the details and understands the calculations and the fine print that really adds value.

How many times do you read the fine print? 

*We are specialist in: Qantas, Virgin, Singapore, Emirates, Cathay, Etihad, Malaysian, AMEX, Citibank, Westpac, ANZ, CBA, Macquarie & NAB.



Loyalty Intelligence Centre

Every loyalty program is subtly different, so it is not easy to find your best option.

Different credit cards earn different points per dollar, and then transfer at different ratios into airline points.

Different airlines charge different airline points to fly to the same destinations.

Our loyalty Intelligence Database, the world’s most comprehensive, takes care of that. 

Tracking more than 400 credit cards and frequent flyer programs, it knows which card and airline combinations deliver the most value across seat availability, airline alliance and partners, flight comfort, destination options and taxes levied.

The Search Continues

Loyalty programs are constantly shifting seat availability and pricing to maximise their return.

Their primary business is selling seats for the most expensive price.

So search once a while is never enough.

That’s where our PERPERTUAL SEARCH SYSTEM comes in. 

Our specialist flight search system conducts literally hundreds of searches everyday to catch new seat releases & seat changes before anyone else.

If there are frequent flyer seats, our team finds them first. 

And if you are our client, we will find & book them for you


With The Points Whisperer, you won’t just get ahead of the game. You will stay there.




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