Australia's frequent flyer points LUXURY flight experts

We remove the FRUSTRATION of using your POINTS


Our select clients are:

Individuals who have at least 300,000 frequent flyer / credit card points

OR, manage a business paying bills over $30,000/mth (on all types of expenses, not just travel)

Based on these numbers, you can fly business class to Europe or USA, round-trip for just $2,500 total.


Two services to cut the cost of business travel

(1) Book that hard-to-find business or first class points seat

(for an all-in booking fee)


(2) Maximise all the points from your business with the right cards

(for an audit fee)


Why continue to pay full-price of $4,000 to $10,500+ for Business class?

When you can simply use your points smarter with iFLYflat, and

Fly business class (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD) for a flat fee of $1,250 one-way, $2,500 round-trip

(per person, inclusive of all taxes and booking fees)

(note: typical ticket taxes range from $300 to $1,300 based on destination/airline)


What is the secret? 

Collect more points cheaply, use the points to 'pay' for expensive business class flights.

Every company can earn points by using the right credit card to pay for business needs such as supplies, services, head-office expenses, contractors, travel, entertainment and even taxes to the ATO.

We uncover ways to accumulate more points at suitable surcharges, and take out the pain of redeeming points for business travel, delivering savings, higher productivity and enjoyment in the way you fly.


We make it affordable to fly business & first class for your work or holidays

by using your points smarter.




Boutique services - Use one or use both


Points Advisory Audit

We recommend and maintain you on the best reward cards & frequent flyer programs for your business.

Get more value from all your points in a structured way. Designed to ensure value always exceeds the costs of using cards.

Annual audit fee - pricing

Points Flight Concierge

We take the legwork and frustration out of finding and booking those hard-to-find, Business and First class flights with your points.

Proven process and expertise in award seat booking. Our service is raved about by all our clients.

per booking fee - pricing

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