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Everyone loves an upgrade, but getting one is like a lucky lottery. 

Instead, we ensure you always get lucky, using points the smart way to book your confirmed business class.

Knowing how to use your points, and how to collect more points, will open a new world of luxury travel opportunities.


With iFLYflat, fly business class to any destination, using Points + max of $2,500 per ticket

On average our client save $4,320 per ticket (av. retail price $6,820 less $2,500 using iFLYflat)


Definition: Flying HAPPY is: 

" Having your own space, comfort to stretch out, nice food and champagne served with a smile - not rushed. On this flight, you have plenty of time to work, sleep, watch a few movies or read that book. "


We solve a unique problem for our clients across Australia:

Individuals who have at least 300,000 frequent flyer / credit card points - who are frustrated at trying to use or get value from their points.


A thriving business paying bills over $40,000/month (across all types of expenses), is in a special position to use the right credit card to earn a lot of points quickly and cheaply.



The number one answer is - Because finding the right seats you want is difficult, time consuming and frustrating. And spending more time in the wrong place does not guarantee a result.

WHY? - Perhaps you are not looking daily, looking in the wrong places, using the wrong points to try to fit a square peg in the round hole, using more points than you need to, and not knowing there are more options.


If you have no problems booking your own seats, then you don't need our help. If you can't find what you want, and don't want to deal with the changing programs - that's when you will get value from using iFLYflat.


Definition: Flying UNHAPPY is: 

" A small seat and surrounded by stressed and uncaring passengers. Fighting for space amongst hundreds of people, re-positioning my legs to find some comfort and picking the right moment to visit the restroom without bothering someone.

I'm never flying like this ever again. "


Points Flight Booking Concierge

For a booking fee, search custom travel dates to book points seats

We work out all the possible flight combinations your points can take you and use our proven process to find & book the points seats that you can't find.

A $9.90 fee begins your custom flight search, where our team start working out the best way to use all your points to find the best points seat/s. Generally, we book 80% of the flights within 3 weeks.

You get to decide exactly which flights you want, and we keep searching till we find it - Our booking fee is charged after the booking is completed. In the event, we don't find what you want, there is no further fee.

Brochure - Points Flight Booking Concierge

Pricing + How does it work + Submit Request

(Suitable for Companies or Individuals, who have accumulated points that want to get the most value)


Points Audit

For an audit fee we set up your points structure to earn more points

Every company can earn points by using the right credit card to pay for business needs such as supplies, services, head-office expenses, contractors, travel, entertainment and even taxes to the ATO.

We consider your travel needs and match the best business cards to your expenses that will uncover more points, points that have significant value when used to book flights, cutting the cost of business travel.

Our VALUE GUARANTEE ensures a positive net benefit is achieved - or a full refund is provided.

Brochure - Points Audit

Sign-up for points audit

(Suitable for Companies who pay over $40,000/month (or over $500,000/year) on regular business expenses - an easy way to collect points to cut the cost of business travel)

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