Grow your business, explore your world in comfort.

iFLYflat helps Australian businesses earn reward points from their pay and expenses, reducing the cost of their business travel.

Looking to expand, travel more often, or just fly Business Class cheaper? Our Points Audit enables you to earn the highest level of credit and airline points possible. You’ll be ahead of the rest in no time, flying comfortably and saving money each year. 

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How Much Could You Be Saving?

Our Points Audit is designed to bring NET positive value. To discover how much your business could save, complete the confidential form below for a free quote by our team. 

Works best for companies with operating expenses over $30,000/mth ]

Excluding ATO/GST/Staff Pay. (We can help any business spending $30k or more)
OPTIONAL. (Total average amount PER MONTH)


What’s Next?

We’ll return a summary of what you could be earning and saving, based on your top level expenses. 


CAN I BOOK AN audit? 

If you’re in love with our savings, let our team know you would like to proceed and book a tailored points audit. 


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