Fly Business Class without paying more

A proven plan for better business travel


Running a business but still flying economy?
You have untapped superpowers

Business owners want a smoother travel experience, but not all can afford the expensive comfort of Business Class. Most settle for Economy, left fighting for their arm-rest and arriving in poor shape.

We know that running a business is hard and you're juggling many things at once. The last thing you need is to travel stressed...


Turn your bills into a Business Class lifestyle

Join a select group of savvy business owners who are travelling well, without paying more.

iFLYflat helps you earn airline points in a structured way through your business and use them to fly Business Class at Economy level prices. So that you can enjoy the finer things when you fly.


A membership that changes the way you fly


“I used to book economy and hope for an upgrade... Now I'm guaranteed business class every time. I’m thrilled with the results!"

Sean Garlick

“iFLYflat has helped me use my points more effectively. I’ve saved thousands of dollars using my points to fly Business Class”

Franziska Iseli


“iFLYflat helped me structure and use my points in a way that allows me to fly business class. As soon as I land, I’m rested and ready to go”

Gina Lednyak

I used to be stuck in economy on 12 to 24 hour flights, but now I only fly Business Class, and I haven't paid for a flight in years"

Chris Gray


Never walk past Business Class again

Airlines make it complex to use points, they’ve designed the system to benefit themselves. We've turned the tables around, with a proven plan that rewards you.


We allocate your spend with suppliers to the right business card/s collecting more points.

We match your travel needs with the right points and program/s that gets you more.

We put your points to work, extracting more value out of every point with our proven formula.


Let your points pay for your ticket

When you extract the most value from your points, you'll never have to pay normal price to fly. iFLYflat members save $5,100 per trip on average using thier points.


Table reflects client data of average cost using points to fly -vs- average retail prices. Flying from Sydney, return, business class, per person.






Stop rolling the dice when you travel

Don’t take another trip in Economy. Choose to embrace a Business class lifestyle, doing things smarter not harder. Fly like a millionaire, knowing every point you collect is rewarding you.

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