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Everyone wants to fly Business Class, if only it wasn’t so expensive. Our heart and body says yes, but our wallets says no.

Imagine if you could fly Business Class without worrying about the high cost… Would you still choose Economy?


We help you access Business Class with points

You have the unique advantage as a business to earn points from paying everyday expenses through business credit cards. Points can used to reduce the cost of travel, enabling you to book Business Class seats at a fraction of the normal price.

Our Points Plan helps you use points the right way


“Our mission is helping more people gain the freedom to travel more and discover more, without worrying about the cost.”
- Steve Hui


Earn points, let them pay for your ticket

Points are the cheapest way to fly, if you know how to use them well. Our Points Plan guides you through a proven framework, helping you fly without ever worrying about the cost.


We focus on earning the right points to suit your travel needs, so that you get more value.


We help you allocate your current spending to the right business card/s to earn more points.


We put your points to work, extracting more value so that you fly more and save more.


Australia's #1 team at making your points fly

Airlines make points complex, but we think it should be simple. So we’ve made a way to help more businesses access more travel opportunities by using points in a smarter way.


“I used to book economy and hope for an upgrade... Now I'm guaranteed business class every time. I’m thrilled with the results!"

Sean Garlick

“iFLYflat helped me structure and use my points in a way that allows me to fly business class. As soon as I land, I’m rested and ready to go”

Gina Lednyak


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