Travelling in Comfort is your Competitive Advantage

The Membership helps you fly Business class at leisure


Use your Business to fly Business

iFLYflat helps Australian companies leverage the hidden value of frequent flyer and credit card points to travel for less.

The Membership is our travel solution to help you fly Business class regularly at ~50% of cash-ticket prices.


The Membership that Enriches Travel

We know that ideas from travel enhance your work, impact and influence in the world. iFLYflat helps you travel well. Using points right makes it easy to fly, so you can keep your mind uncluttered to achieve more.


Earn points the right way

Proven strategies that will help you travel better

Fly at the best price

Save money year-round, like it's your own private sale

Stay ahead of changes

Know how to capture every opportunity

Achieve your goals faster

Accelerate towards your goals with the right advice


Founded by Australia's own Points Whisperer

"Work hard, but travel soft. Based on proven results, our framework and advice will challenge the way you think, earn and use points to fly, creating a happier and healthier lifestyle."
- Steve Hui


The Membership includes:


Tailored Business Points Plan

A complete system that turns your business bills into the right points to fly

Points strategies you can rely on

Know how to extract the most value from every expense and opportunity

Step-by-step expert support

Save time and frustration with access our expert team for advice and guidance


Reliable advice to make your points go further and travel more enjoyable


Benefits most: Business owners $1M - $50M turnover


We've helped Thousands of Travellers

Consistently rated 5 stars for service excellence. Partner with Australia's #1 team, we’ll show you the express path to harness the best rewards, forever changing the way you fly. More examples


Don't Roll the Dice with Random Advice

It's very easy to squander your points if you don't do it right. iFLYflat is trusted by business leaders and the media for our accurate, honest expertise.

Are you getting the right rewards?
Every 100,000 airline points are worth $3,000 to $3,500 in flights.


The Future of your Travel starts here

Currently this travel solution is designed for Australian-based companies only.

Join the movement of Australian's who have harnessed the value from reward programs to fly Business class at leisure.

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“I used to book economy and hope for an upgrade... Now I'm guaranteed business class every time. I’m thrilled with the results!"

Sean Garlick

“iFLYflat helped me structure and use my points in a way that allows me to fly business class. As soon as I land, I’m rested and ready to go”

Gina Lednyak


"Excellent service and advice. We are rocking business Class" - Saved $18,000 on most recent trip

Paul Lawrence

"I used to be stuck in economy on 12 to 24 hour flights, but now I only fly Business Class, and I haven't paid full price for a flight in years"

Chris Gray