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You have the points, but cannot seem to use them?

We help those who have the points, to save money and fly


Use your points to fly business

We’ve designed this service for clients who understanding that spending their time to search online or wait on hold with an airline is not the smartest use of their time and energy….

We love to help those who recognise that utilising a specialist rewards service to be on your side will deliver more value.

The Points Flight Finder Concierge is just like it says, we find (reward) points flights, and we are very good at it.

Our team ensures you get the best seat for your points, saving you time and money, and the stress of booking complex reward seats.

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True points experts

We’ve redeemed over 350 million reward points, booking over 3,500 reward flights...


Quality service

A local and experienced flight team dedicated to helping you


Above and beyond

98% of clients rated us 5 stars overall


Clear upfront pricing

Finding reward seats takes specialised effort. We believe in fair rewards.

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Why iFLYflat?

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Using points to find seats is getting harder, more complicated and more time consuming. Designed that way because airlines can only provide limited reward seats. If airlines released more reward seats and made it easier to book, they wouldn’t be able to charge $8,000+ for that business class ticket.


Our service will keep looking across all options on all airlines to get you flying. No one else does this.

We have a team of 12 people, with 8 dedicated to solving flight bookings. The aim of our team is to help you fly cheaper with your points rather than pay $8,000+, or waste your time hopelessly trying to find seats without success.


We have developed proven processes and the experience of our dedicated team has redeemed 3,500+ seats with 300+ million points. Meaning we know exactly the best combinations of using different credit card points and frequent flyer points, to find and book the right seats.

We would also be frank to admit, even with our resources, commitment and knowledge, sometimes the airline has no seats (approx 20% of the time), but you can rely on us to keep on trying all options to help you to fly in comfort.


A start-search fee of AUD$9.90 is payable by credit card when submitting this form, to certify genuine bookings receive our full attention.

The full success-fee (details below) becomes due when we find the right flights for you, otherwise there is no other fee.


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Our Booking Fees

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The Flat Fee’s are inclusive of all imposed airline fees and fuel/carrier surcharges or airport taxes. They also cover our team's expertise, time and efforts to find you the best flight and seat. 

^For City-to-City bookings, and Round-the-world bookings, these are charged on a Fee (per stop) + Tax recovery model (as the cost of charges and taxes is unpredictable).

*Emirates/Etihad/Qatar/BritishAirways surcharge: Unfortunately due to the higher fees levied by these airlines, we apply a surcharge of $AUD300/per person, each way.

Changes: A $300 per edit/per person fee applies. (effort to change is like finding a new flight)

Cancels: No refunds for flight cancellations. Points are returned to you less any airline penalty.

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+ When do seats come up?

Reward seats changes constantly, our team searches daily and is ready to book as they become available. Unless you are always looking, you might miss your flight.

+ Can points be used to fly different airlines?

Our team calculates all the best combinations of partners and alliances. Points from one airline can be used to book other airline partners and vice-versa.

+ Can you get me an upgrade?

Unfortunately we can’t predict lottery numbers. Upgrades is like a game of luck, spare seats (if any) are allocated however the airline wants to do, slightly influenced by loyalty status and other rankings. The best seat is a confirmed seat, we recommend using points to book an outright business class reward seat. Life is too short to leave your comfort to chance.

+ Can't I book myself?

Yes you can, if you can find the right seats. Since, reward seats are constantly changing. Available seats can be booked by anyone anywhere 24/7. The more you look, the higher your chances.

+ Can't the airline help me book?

When you call the airline, they can tell you if there are seats only at that time. Once you hang up, they'll be helping the next caller. You will need to call them again and again to get new options. Does the airline care if they find your seat...? With iFLYflat, our team is searching for your seats continuously to win your business.

+ When are the booking fees due?

You are engaging us to find the right flights, fees are payable if the flights info we find for you are utilised for a booking (payable whether we book it for you, or you book it yourself).


Our Process

Your personal iFLYflat travel manager will take care of your entire booking. You can sit back and relax.


Find Your Seat

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