USE POINTS to fly flat = FLY HAPPY


USE POINTS to fly flat = FLY HAPPY

It is easy to earn points everywhere

Everyone loves points, it is a $1.6 billion dollar industry in Australia alone

But, are you playing the game their way, or leveraging the system to win?

Are you getting the rewards that you deserve?


We enable hardworking business people enjoy premium business travel without the guilt, stress or cost.

We help individuals use their points to travel with their family, relaxed on their flat bed above the clouds.


At iFLYflat, we educate business people and consumers on how to maximise their credit card / frequent flyer points and spend them wisely to fly happy.


Fly happy means:

+  fly comfortable and stress-free

+  fly productive

+  fly first or business class at half price

+  fly without the frustration of trying to book the hard-to-find seats yourself

+  fly knowing you paid a lot less than your fellow passengers

+ fly smart

+  fly with iFLYflat



Australia’s leading points advisory company. 

Our clients travel the world in business & first class with their points.   

We uncover and manage points that you and your business naturally acquire and convert them into affordable premium air travel.

We can help you use your frequent flyer points to fly in any class, to any destination, for business or leisure.



We help you earn more points and book your flights

Looking after you and your points from start to finish

our goal is to help you to #neverflyeconomyagain


Points Advisory: structure Setup & Ongoing membership

We recommend and maintain you on the best reward cards & frequent flyer programs suited for your business, aligned to your travel needs.

Make the most of your points, understand how to get value from your points and win at the rewards game for maximum benefit.

Points Concierge - Flight Finder & booking Service

We take the legwork and frustration out of finding and booking those hard-to-find, Business and First class flights with your points.

We have proven processes and expertise in award seat booking. Our service is raved about by all our clients.


We are a premium service, focused on exceptional execution and success-based flight outcomes.

Our clients are successful business entrepreneurs, award winners in their field, company leaders, sports personalities, corporate executives, and a few celebrities in the mix.

But they are all down-to-earth and nice people who have realised they can maximise their reward points to get more value than they've previous realised was possible.

We are not cheap, though our services are designed to pay for itself via harnessing the value of your points to fly in the premium end of the plane.


How to fly business class for half price?


How to fly business class for half price?

How we work?


Drawing on our deep financial background, we developed an unique approach to fly business & first class at less than half price.

We are the only business offering this professional service in the world, innovation developed in Sydney Australia.

We hope to help more people access the comfort and serenity of flying business class, without the high price tag.


The core value proposition, low cost and high return.

Credit card reward points and frequent flyer points are like money. Points can be swapped for goods, services and flights.

We ensure that the total costs of earning the points is lower than the value of the premium flights that we book, then it is worth doing.

If we book an $8,000 flight for costs of $4,000 or less, then it is worth doing.


The clients that we can help

You enjoy flying business class or first class, this is important.

Typically, we work with the CEO, Founder & Managing Directors of private companies with a turnover of $1 million to $55 million & more.

Companies with non-wage outgoings of at least $500,000 / year, payments to suppliers, contractors, landlords, marketing, or to the ATO.


We love helping businesses, but can help individual too

We are on your side, helping you to be rewarded by playing your cards right in the ever increasing complex rewards programs.

(Service #1) Points Advisory - Credit card and frequent flyer points strategies and ongoing management.

(Service #2) Points Concierge - Flight finder and booking services.


Your return on investment is guaranteed

It is simple maths - choose the rights cards to earn the right points. Use points for flights that sell for more than the cost of points.

If you run a business, time is money.

And money paying bills can earn points, so what are you waiting for?



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We have booked over 150 million frequent flyer points

We have booked more frequent flyer points flights than anyone else in Australia.


Australia's leading points advisory company


This is how I think about points. Points is a way to get access to cheap premium travel.

If I told you that you could buy $1 coins for 50 cents.
How many coins would you buy?

If you could get $10,000 business class flights for $5,000, are you still interested?

Now you get it...
— The reason why Steve Hui is obsessed about points

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