Australia’s #1 Full Service Points Maximisation Consultancy.

Specialists in helping business owners unlock your reward points to

fly Business class for cheaper than Economy.


[  Strategy and Planning  ]

Earn more of the right points from cards

+ Tailored points maximisation plan

+ Recommend the best reward card and frequent flyer program

+ Maximise the points you accrue from your business and personal spending

+ Guaranteed savings if your spend is over $8,000/month ($100,000/year)


[  Flight Reward Bookings  ]

Use your points to find & book those hard to find seats

+ Seat availability changes all the time.

+ Our specialist team searches for your flights daily. 

+  We search across all airline partners where you can use your points

+ Number crunch the best ways to fly with your credit card points.

+ Deep experience – Our team has booked over 75 million frequent flyer points

We unlock the hidden rewards from the money you are already spending.

Get a free holiday or fly in comfort to your conference.

Forget about praying for upgrades requests, use your points to book a confirmed first/business seat.

Typically, every $100,000 spend on cards will earn approx. 100,000 points, this represents a free business class flight to Asia valued at least $4,000.  [ ie: Every $1 spend = 4 cents (4%) in premium travel value ]

Start getting rewarded.  Joining and set-up is easy.

5 steps to free flights




‘The Points Whisperer’ is capturing the public and the media’s attention.

Regularly featured on Channel 7 news, major publications & newspapers.


“Now I have the choice to fly in any class, and I choose Business class – because now I can, because I now have the points. I can’t bear to think about how many points I wasted before” – Jason Clark


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