We specialise in helping business owners unlock their reward points to

fly Business class for cheaper than Economy.

We offer two expert services:


[  Strategy and Planning  ]

Claim the flight rewards you are already paying for.

+ A tailored points maxisation plan for your travel needs

+ Recommend the best reward card and frequent flyer program

+ Maximise the points you accrue from your business and personal spending

+ Our typical spending threshold is for those over $8,000/month ($100,000/year)


[  Flight Reward Bookings  ]

We find and book those hard to find points seats.

+ Our specialist team searches for your flights daily. 

+ Seats can change at any time and we know how it works.

+  Our search expertise is successful in finding 80% of seats.

+ We number crunch the combinations you can fly with all your different points.

+ We know the best ways get maximum value from your points.

SMEs spend money running their business, unlock the hidden rewards from the money you are already spending.


We help you to maximise all your credit card reward points

& frequent flyer points.


Typically, every $100,000 spend on cards will earn approx. 100,000 points, this represents a free business class flight to Asia valued at least $4,000.

[ ie: Every $1 = 4 cents (4%) in premium travel value ]


Claim your share of free business class flights now, set-up is easy.


5 steps to free flights


‘The Points Whisperer’ is capturing the public and the media’s attention.

Regularly featured on Channel 7 news, major publications & newspapers.


“Now I have the choice to fly in any class, and I choose Business class – because now I can, because I now have the points. I can’t bear to think about how many points I wasted before” – Jason Clark


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