We apply a professional approach to maximise your points.

Financial Planning for Points.

“We loved to fly in the front of the plane, so we developed a way to achieve that same freedom,

without the high retail prices.

We solved the problem from a different angle – fly with your points.”

Introducing iFLYflat – A unique service designed to help you:

Choose to: fly business or first, fly for work or leisure, fly now or later. They are your points.



  • Fly with your own points and pay just fees & taxes.
  • Turn your Business & Individual spending into flights by maximising your credit card and frequent flyer points.
  • Accumulate more points & the right points.


  • We find and book your frequent flyer seats.
  • We work out the best and most efficient way to fly with any combination of your points.
  • We maximise your travels, and help you fly with your points the way you want.


  • Even if you have no points, don’t worry.
  • With our ‘fasttrack’ program, fly First and Business class at approx. half the retail price.
  • Applying our strategy to buy discounted points to fly, is still much much cheaper than retail.

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