use points to fly

Making your points work for you


use points to fly

Making your points work for you

End your frustration & use your points for the travel that you want. 

Airlines & credit card companies have made their loyalty programs complex.

They make you jump through hoops & test your patience.


It didn't seem fair, so we created a service to help.

We worked through the system and found the "gold"


You earn points with your credit cards so why not use them to fly business or first class? Through our knowledge of the loyalty points system, we help you win the loyalty game

Take advantage of the rewards available to you



We help you to use your frequent flyer points to fly in any class, to any destination



We’re Australia’s leading air travel planning and points advisory company. 

Our clients travel the world in business & first class with their points.   We uncover and manage points that you and your business naturally acquire and convert them into affordable premium air travel.



Manage your points as assets

create travel memories


Manage your points as assets

create travel memories

Our primary clients are companies and their business owners.

What is the minimum criteria?

We can guarantee positive returns with any sized company that has the spending potential to use over $100,000/year on credit cards. Our sweet-spot is for those spending over $500,000+/year

The more you spend on cards, the more points you will earn, and the more flights you can take.

What type of spending?

Not just spending on travel, you can pay nearly any expense on a credit card such as suppliers, rent, ATO/GST/tax, contractors, coffee, entertainment, google, Facebook advertising etc... the list is endless.

Only staff wages, superannuation contributions and mortgages currently cannot be paid by cards.

What we do for you?

We analyse your major expenses and recommend the best business credit reward cards to earn you the maximum points aligned to your travel needs.

We work out the highest surcharge to pay and still get benefits of using points to fly.

We ensure that after all costs are included, it is cheaper to use points to fly.

Do you help individuals too?

Yes, we can - especially if you already have accumulated points and you want to use them to fly.

We can help you book flights with our PAYG Points Concierge Flight Finder Service.



With your points, you can go to any destination you desire


We have booked over 150 million frequent flyer points

Deep practical booking experience by our friendly Australian based points specialist team


Australia's leading air travel planning and points advisory company



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This is how I think about points. Points is a way to get access to cheap premium travel.

If I told you that you could buy $1 coins for 25 cents, would you do it? How many coins would you buy?

What if you could get $10,000 worth of flights for $2,500, are you still interested?

This is what it is all about.
— The reason why Steve Hui is obsessed about points

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