Every single dollar your business spends can earn flight rewards.

We know 93% of businesses are not paying attention to this asset.


We optimise your credit card and frequent flyer points,

so you can fly in comfort with your family,

in any class, to anywhere.


iFLYflat can help anyone fly better with points.

We specialise in helping business owners and high spenders to maximise the reward points earned from paying suppliers and every-day expenses.

Earn more of the right points & redeem them to fly for ‘free’. 

We can guarantee a positive benefit from our services if:

+ Business/Personal spend exceed $80k/yr.

+ Can pay bills on cards.

+ Use points for travel in Business / First class.

What is iFLYflat – explained in 99 seconds

We are leaders in points reward management.


Straight to the point – Why use iFLYflat?

 (This is a unique service and here is why you should read on and benefit)

Your credit card reward and frequent flyer points are valuable,

But over 93% of consumers and business owners are not making the most of their reward points potential.


We craft a tailored plan to help you earn more of the right points, and maximise every opportunity to use them,

Our strategies are designed to help you (and your family) to fly in the front-of-the-plane.


The more you can spend, the more you can save.

Example: Every $100,000 in expenses can earn between 100,000 to 150,000 points,

Redeemable for a business class return ticket valued between $5,000 to $8,500/trip.


 Every single dollar you spend today can earn points to fly,

The longer you wait, the more points you will miss out. You can get started ASAP.


Let our experts help you work out the best ways to unlock the value of your points.





Earn more points, Earn the right points and Find you the best way to fly


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We will Recommend, Find and Book your award / frequent flyer flights


Services Guide


Structure a way to fly cheaper, by taking advantage of points arbitrage opportunities in the global airline alliances


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Where we have exhausted the options to fly with points, we can book a regular ticket to fly.


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We are introducing a new way to fly

& capturing the media’s attention.

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