Discover the smartest way to travel


UNLOCK the value of your REWARD points to save you $’000s on travel in First, Business or Economy class.


We specialise in helping businesses, their owners and hard-working individuals to maximise the reward points earned from paying suppliers and every-day expenses.

Using points is complex and frustrating.

Our expert advice will help you UNLOCK your points for your next trip

A positive benefit is guaranteed if:

+ Your Business/Personal spend exceed $8k/month.

+ Can pay off your bills/expenses on cards.

+ You would like to travel in Business / First class.

Utilise your spending power to fly on points

As leaders in reward points management

We offer two services:


[  ONE – Strategy and Planning  ]

Claim the flight rewards you are already paying for.

+ We create a tailored plan that helps you earn more reward points from every dollar you spend.

+ We help you earn the right points aligned to your travel needs.

+ Maximise the points you can earn from your business and personal spending power.

+ Depending on your spend, our customers have saved from $5,200 to over $59,000/year on flights.


[  TWO – Flight Reward Bookings  ]

We find and book those hard to find points seats.

+ Our specialist team searches for your flights daily. As seats change all the time – frequency of search is key.

+ We crunch the different combination that you can fly with your balance of credit card & frequent flyer points.

+ We recommend the best ways to use your points to get maximum value.

+ We increase your chances of flying with your points



Don’t miss out on another ‘free’ reward flight – every dollar you spend today on the wrong strategy, is earning more rewards for your banker.


Unlock the value of your points – otherwise they are useless.





Earn more of the right points and Find you the best way to fly



We will Recommend, Find and Book your reward flights



Structure a way to fly cheaper, by taking advantage of the tricks in the global airline alliances



Where we have exhausted the options to fly with points, we can book a regular ticket to fly.


‘The Points Whisperer’ is capturing the public and the media’s attention.

Recently featured on Channel 7 – Sunrise, Channel 7  – news / today tonight, Sydney Morning Hearld,, My Business Magazine, SmallBusinessBigMarketing, Travel Weekly, BRW, Management Today, CEO Magazine + many others.

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