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iFLYflat helps your property business earn reward points from your everyday pay and expenses, reducing the cost of business class travel.

Our proven advice will deliver you 30% to 70% savings to fly business class. Not only that, our Flight Concierge can book your reward points flights for you. Saving you time, money and hassle.

Our clients no longer stress in long lines, suffer cramped seats and unpredictable service. Instead, they can work, rest and play onboard in the comfort of business or first class.

- Steve Hui CEO & FOUNDER


Earn points from everyday expenses

From rates, taxes, dining with your clients, to travel, advertising and growing your team. There's endless opportunities to earn points from your current business pay and spend.

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Trusted by industry leaders

Our Business Advice and Flights Concierge helps property experts and leaders travel around the world in the comfort of business class.


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Find your hidden flights

How many business class flights have been hiding in your expenses? Use the calculator below to reveal how much approximate value you've missed out on this year, or the year before.


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Our Business Advisory Program gives you the advantage to travel better - without compromising your budget.

Fill in the form below and we'll reveal how many flights you could be missing out on, including surcharges and net savings. Our team will answer any questions and provide a quote if you wish to partner with us.

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