iFLYflat have given me advice on my credit cards and booked Business class seats without the normal stress of doing it myself.
— M. Briggs (saved $14,600)
iFLYflat have been successful in finding me great flights 3 times already this year and have saved me considerable time and money.
— C. Fellas (saved $28,515)


Two services - designed to pay for itself very quickly

Points Audit & Advisory Membership

Setup your structure to cut the cost of business class

We guarantee that the total costs of collecting points and booking flights are lower than the normal way of buying the same ticket

Leverage the value of using points to fly Business class anywhere for $2,500 or less

We review your expenditure to match up the best reward credit cards & frequent flyer programs to help your business earn more points on the same spend.

Data based outcomes - our proof of value calculations will show the value of your benefits of working with us.

Our clients save an average $5,320 per flight. Some clients save over $42,000 per year.

Pricing/Summary PDF

(Suitable for businesses with over $30,000/mth in running costs)

Points Concierge - Flight Finder & booking Service

Flat fee Business class flights (using points)

Use points to smarter, and fly Business or First class for much less than your travel agent's best airfare

To: Europe/USA or Anywhere in the world $2,500 (round-trip), $1,250 (one-way)

To: Asia/NZ $1,499 (round-trip), $750 (one-way)

(Fees are per ticket and inclusive of taxes. You pay Points + Fee, that's it)

We find the seats that you won't find.

Our expert team calculates the various flying combinations taking into account all your points across multiple credit cards and multiple airlines.

We perform the hard work to search all flight options daily, and book them as they appear.

Pricing/Summary PDF

(Suitable for both Businesses & Individuals who have accumulated points + want to use them smartly)


Learn more - let's speak

Schedule a 20min phone call to speak with us to see how your business can specifically benefit


" iFLYflat has helped me structure and use my points in a way that allows me to fly business class.

I travel a lot for work and flying in comfort has helped me become more productive – I’m able to really focus on my work and get it done in peace. As soon as I land, I’m rested, prepared and ready to go.

The iFLYflat team provides the most seamless, painless and helpful customer service. They’re always there when you need them, and make planning my flights so easy. ”



" As a busy business owner I don’t have time to search for reward flights.

A friend recommended iFLYflat to me, saying they’d take care of it all for me – from helping me collect more points to booking my reward flights.

We’re over the moon with the flights they have been able to get for us!

This year, we’ve been able to meet more of our clients in person and visit our suppliers, building relationships and boosting the efficiency of the business. "


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