Why Pay More?

Instead of paying $6000+ / $8000+ / $10,000+ for a business class ticket,

Partner with the iFLYflat to fly business class for no more than $2500.


How points work


Flying Business class costs is expensive. You can expect to pay over $8,000 to Europe or USA, or over $4,000 just to South East Asia. 

Each airline's frequent flyer program sets out rules to how reward points (or 'miles') are redeemed to fly Economy, Business or First class.

When using points for flights, you can save huge dollars on cash ticket prices. You only need to pay an additional airline fees and taxes, ranging between $100 to $1,800 depending on airline and destination. 

Here's the catch. While points are the cheapest way to fly Business or First class, trying to find the right reward seats can be time consuming and complex. Seats change quickly and you need to be constantly looking in the right places.

Our Flight Concierge Team maximises your points and find you the best seat, costing no more than $2500 per return ticket - that's in business class too. 

YOU CAN SAVE OVER $5,000 per ticket

With those savings, you can enjoy 5 star hotels with suite upgrades, dine at celebrity restaurants or duty-free shopping? 

Great advice on my credit cards and they booked Business class seats without the normal stress of doing it myself
— M. Briggs (saved $14,600) ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

The smart way to fly

business class anywhere in the world for no more than $2500 AUD🍸

If you manage to book it yourself, you will pay the same number of points for that airline + airline fuel surcharges, airport fees, ticket taxes that can cost up to $1800 per ticket depending on airline, airport and distance.


Are you lucky?

If you can consistently find the right seats, know which ways to use the lowest points, work out the combinations of how many credit card points to transfer into airline points, understand which airline to fly where, and able to spend your time searching for seats every single day - you don't need our expert team...


If you can always book the right seats - you don't need us

If you need assistance, we are the experts:

iFLYflat Flight Booking Concierge

  • A simple flat-price of $2500 (The World) or $1500 (Asia)
  • Inclusive of our service fees, airline surcharges, airport & ticket taxes
  • We will find you the best business class seats with points.
  • On a no booking, no fee basis. We provide the outcome you are seeking.


We do the work, we apply our expertise, we have booked over 3,000 flights. We know how to win at the frequent flyer game, and get you the best seats.


some things to note to avoid any confusion

  • Frequent flyer seats are limited and hard to find
  • Seats are changing constantly
  • All bookings require the same points set by the airline
  • We do not have access to SPECIAL seats
  • Our core service is to take away the time, effort and frustration to FIND these seats and we know the BEST ways to use your points to get the right flights
  • Our experience of booking over 3,000 flights means we get the job done



    • If you have over 300,000 frequent flyer or credit card points

    • You have a trip in mind

    iFLYflat successfully found 3 flights this year allready and have saved me a lot of time and money
    — C. Fellas (saved $28,515) ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    Book with the reward experts

    We are the only rewards points specialist service in Australia, and being a specialist means we go deeper. No one matches up when it comes to the knowledge that really matters across Australia’s seven key airlines and credit card loyalty programs.

    When booking travel, you want a personal team that you can trust. There's simply no substitute for someone who really knows you and can anticipate your travel needs. That's why all our clients deal with their own Personal Loyalty Account Manager, all based here in Sydney.

    Say goodbye to travel frustrations!

    Why do it yourself? Have your own expert travel team working to save you money.

    Why do it yourself? Have your own expert travel team working to save you money.


    Enjoy the benefits



    Why spend hours reading fine print and browsing flights? Our team have the expertise and system to find and book those hard-to-find reward seats, using the best points.


    Our advice service and booking concierge are the best solutions to earn and burn your points for maximum value. You'll be flying cheaper than cash rates, even after our fee.


    You work hard, so why not reward yourself? Fly the smart way, with points. You can fly with confidence, enjoying all the amenities of luxury travel. Arrive fresh, rested and focused to your destination. 



    Do you have reward points and not sure how to use them? Struggling to find the reward seat you want? Run a business? We can help! 

    We are specialists at finding the best points flights. We perform frequent searches and understand the tricks in booking the constantly changing flights as soon as they appear. Our booking service calls on years of experience and knowledge to get results and make booking flights effortless for you. Are you an expert?

    Your credit card loyalty and frequent flyer points could save you thousands of dollars per flight by Credit card companies and airlines have made it so complex you’ll just swap them out for low value vouchers or paltry savings on economy class flights – or worse, let them expire!

    Awesome, check out our Business Service to learn how you can benefit more with points.



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