We've all got questions...

So we've put together this page to help answer some popular queries we receive. If we don't answer your question, please see our contact details at the bottom to talk to our friendly team. 



Why use iFLYflat?

Short answer: We will help you (and your company) to fly business class at an incredible discount.

Longer answer: We help small to medium companies (and their owners) to afford and fly business & first class very cheaply, allowing them the freedom to fly in comfort for any purpose, at anytime. We do that by using credit card reward points and frequent flyer points to be able to fly the smarter way. 


Do I transfer the points to you? How does it work?

Your points stay in your own account and in your ownership at all time

We will provide guidance on you to how many points to transfer from your credit card to that airline (if any), and we will watch for the credit card points to land into the frequent flyer account (with your permission).

At the time of booking, our local client manager will log into your frequent flyer account and book the reward seat - as your agent. We pay for the taxes with our company card (we don’t use your credit card, in order to keep your credit card detail safe) and send you our invoice on completion of the booking.

It’s in your name, confirmed, handled with care and a high standard of security and privacy.


Can you find more seats than I can?

Well, one day we bought this crystal ball from ebay as a joke, but then the strangest thing… (joke)

Actually the truth relates much to life; hard work, teamwork and determination. That’s how we make the magic happen. Our team has over 7 years deep experience in redeeming over 431 million frequent flyer points for our clients, and we book seats on a daily basis. So our experience and knowledge of where to look, when to look and how to complete the booking is what delivers the outcomes.


You have special access to seats - right?

We wish that were true! We also wish Champagne was just as healthy as water…

But the reality is we don’t need to have special access. Nor do those working for the airlines. Reward seating is controlled by strict algorithms and systems, determined by airline management. Our deep booking experience honed by redeeming over 300 million points delivers the outcomes.


How far in advance do I have to book?

We recommend giving us at least 2 months notice before your trip, and at maximum 13 months. For families of 4, the best time is 6 months in advance, for 1 or 2 passengers - we can help with at least 2 months notice. We occasionally find the last minute flight for 1 or 2 passengers, but we don’t recommend leaving it too late and to chance.

Once we have worked with you and understand your points balances and travel style, we can book up to 2 weeks in advance.


Is it guaranteed?

On the rare occasion, we may not find you a seat. This may be because of a time constraint, or the airline route is simply full. It can happen, and that because the airlines are not providing any seats.

We don’t charge our booking fee, however, until the seat is found and your ticket is confirmed. The more advanced notice, flexibility of your points and dates = more chances of finding the seat and helping you fly better for cheaper.


Is it worth upgrading?

Upgrades are like playing the game Monopoly, there’s a few ways to win and a million ways to lose. They’re determined by a variety of factors, some beyond well your control. Since we get asked daily about this, we’ve written our advice into this blog post to help you understand further. The short answer is no unless you hold Chairman’s or Platinum level status.


Can I choose my airline, I only want to fly on the best airlines

The airlines you can fly is limited based on which points you hold and which airline partners your credit card points can transfer to. Most of the partner airlines would be the major blue-chip airlines like Qantas, Singapore, Cathay, Emirates, Etihad, Virgin, British Airways, Qatar etc

If you hold reward points that are transferable across multiple airlines, we will present various flight and route options, our main focus is to get you flying business (or first class).

If there are any airlines or transit points that you want to avoid for religious or other reasons, please let us know. Remember, business class on any airline is still better than economy on your favourite pick.


I have specific seats I want to fly on

We’ll do our best to find your favourite or lucky seat, but our main focus is to get you into the business (or first) class cabin. Some seats are already allocated to passengers who have already booked their tickets. All seats are fairly similar, and the champagne is just as good no matter where you sit.  


If I don’t have enough points, can I pay part points and part money

For the classic or saver points flights, you must have enough points to book for the ticket, it cannot be part points and part cash.

Some airlines allow the purchase of points to ‘top up’ or fill the gap. This can cost a fee, which our booking team will advise and quote you on if it’s possible and beneficial.  


We often fly last minute, can this work for us?

We don’t recommend last minute bookings as our team needs adequate time to search for your reward seat. The best window of opportunity is 3 to 6 months in advanced.

Once we have booked a few times together, where we have your details and understand your points balances and travel style, we’ll do our best if we can, to get you there with shorter notice.


Are you similar to the other companies selling points? (US brokers)?

We are very different. Our processes are designed to ensure legitimate compliance with the terms and conditions of the airline frequent flyer program and credit card reward programs so that our clients can manage their flights and points as the fully authorised owner should any disruptions were to occur.

Much like avoiding ‘sounds too good to be true’ schemes, we advise our clients to be aware of the risks when engaging with ‘points brokers’ to get cheap flights - in fact we wrote a blog on that.


Can you explain the pricing, that sounds like a lot of money

Our flight finder booking success fee covers a few things. It enables our concierge team to engage with you, work out all the points combinations and flight options, plan your flight route, search daily for your seats (as long as it takes), let you know and refine, and book.

We employ a no booking = no fee model, so we invest with the risk of putting in the effort to search (so you don’t waste your time).

If it still sounds high, compare that to paying business class at normal prices.


How many points do I need to fly?

That depends on where you need to fly and with what airline. Here’s a few examples: Sydney to Los Angeles is 192,000 Velocity or Qantas points return in business class. London is 232,000 return with Singapore Air, but 289,200 on Qantas/Emirates, more on Qantas partners and 278,000 using Virgin Velocity to fly on Etihad Airways.

Each airline has different prices. When you engage us to book a flight, our team will do the homework to calculate the points to airline transfers, the flight options and find the best reward program that suits your route and destinations.

We also created a Points Flights Calculator with some more info.


Do I still get points and status credits

Most airlines do not credit you points and status credits on points bookings. This allows you to try other airlines without impacting on your chase for status.

I want to keep my Platinum/Gold etc, what do I do

To keep your loyalty, airlines want to keep you spending more to keep flying more. Though our program, we are approaching it a different way. Flying with points allows you to save money while flying business class, you get everything that business class offers such as lounge access, priority boarding, comfy seat.  (this is what status tries to emulate)



What is the points audit/program, how does it benefit me?

Our business rewards travel program is designed to transform the way you fly.

We understand how to leverage the value of credit card reward points and frequent flyer points, we use them to cut 30% to 70% off the price of business class. This is a proven and repeatable process that has helped hundreds of our clients to access business class very cheaply.

It is designed to help companies who have have at least $500,000/year of non-wage operating expenses that can be paid on credit cards, we apply an analytical approach to your Accounts Payable list to determine which expenses are beneficial and able to be paid on cards.


Can you help me upgrade?

Upgrades are not determined by us unfortunately. See this blog post for more info. Instead we help our clients to ditch the upgrade, as we book their confirmed business class flight in advance with points.


My suppliers don’t accept amex

We can work our way around that by using another card, or a payment aggregator. We have solutions to resolve this common problem.


What can I use the points for

Reward points can be used for many things, but we recommend you spend them on business and first class travel. That’s where the true value is. Using points you can get 4x times more value for only double the points.


What is the best card?

Simple question, not so simple answer. Selecting the right card requires an understanding of your expenses, who you pay and how much, along with an understanding of where you want to travel and how frequently. Each card is unique, and so is the rewards program attached to it. It is a bit like “What is the best car?” - it depends, so we have a framework to work it out for you.


Can you still pay the ATO with credit card?

We have a few options for that - yes! We’ve helped many client earn a lot of points and cheaper flights from paying the tax man.


"Our company normally flies economy"

Economy is quite common for domestic travel, however, you don’t need to endure it for going overseas! Talk to us, and we can help change that: Contact us


What type of companies do you help, and the savings achieved?

If your company has a turnover between $1 and $50 million annually, we can help you fly business class for less. We regularly save our clients tens of thousands of dollars each year on their travel spending. It all depends on level of spend and travel goals. Our proven solution is backed by professional insights and hard data, all transparent for you to see.


"You helped one of my friends, he has similar spend but our fees are different"

Every company is different, each industry has different expenses with different surcharges. Your friends company structure and ownership may be different, and the places they want to travel to may also be different. Our framework considers each data-point to make the best recommendation that tailors the best fit for them. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just picking the right card.


What is our end-goal?

We want business owners to be able fly Business class on any trip, for any purpose, so they can benefit from the space, the privacy, the respect and above all, their own mind space to think.


Didn't get your question answered? 

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