Dreams 2 Live 4

Dreams2live4 helps make dreams come true for patients who are living with metastatic cancer. Metastatic means any cancer which has spread. 

Living with metastatic cancer can be an overwhelming and gruelling battle. Dreams2live4 empowers these patients to dream and find purpose again. It is the only programme of its type in Australia. Each year we work with more than 100 patients and their families.

Donate some of your unloved Virgin Velocity points to help book flights and contribute towards the overall dream.


How the partnership formed...

Steve Hui (iFLYflat CEO) heard Pat O’Sullivan (Dreams2live4 board member) speak at an event where he mentioned Dreams2live4, he reached out. iFLYflat would use points to book the dreams flights, reducing the cash burden on the charity and enable it to fulfil more dream with their limited charity dollars.

The synergies are iFLYflat would enable contributions/donations from the people/companies who have points, to use them to make a direct difference to help a Dreams2live4 patient.

Using points this way maintains the full value of the points. Up to now, all other avenues for donating points significantly reduces the value.

Points were designed to be used for flying. We help our dreamers to fly above their treatment.



How to help

It's simple, as a supporter

Support a dreamer take flight with your Virgin Velocity (or credit card points which can be transferred to Virgin Velocity points).

How many points to help:

Popular destinations to give an example of points needed:

Flying Economy return for 1 person. (nb: Typical dreams include 3 to 4 passengers)

  • Sydney to Alice Springs/Ayres Rock - 33,800 (excl taxes) to 48,400 (inc taxes)
  • Sydney to Hamilton Island - 21,800 (excl taxes) to 34,600 (incl taxes)
  • Sydney to Sunshine Coast - 13,800 (excl taxes)

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Need to know:

  • Various credit reward cards can transfer points into Virgin: AMEX, Citibank, Westpac, CBA, NAB, ANZ etc
  • AMEX can transfer points 1:1, the other banks are normally 2:1 (ie: 2 Westpac points = 1 Velocity point)
  • The Virgin Velocity terms & conditions allow for bookings to be made in anyone's name with your points (without payment) - this is 100% within the rules.
  • Donors would give iFLYflat authority to access their Virgin account purely for booking these flights to the extent of the donation. (**see t&c note below)
  • This process maintains the true value of the points unlike other points donations which are converted into cash at a low conversion rate.
  • The points remain in your account at all times until the flight is booked. They are not transferred.

Security, Privacy and Customer T&C's

  • All customer information is stored securely on servers which use strict SSL encryption and 256bit certificates rated by trusted authorities. 
  • Access is segregated, monitored and restricted to the CEO and key personnel. 
  • Our customer privacy policy can be viewed – click on this link

**Relevant Virgin Velocity terms and conditions:

28.4 Members acknowledge that their Membership Number and password give access to the Member’s Membership Account, including all Personal Information recorded in the Membership Account. Any person in possession of the Member’s Membership Number and password may access and change the Member’s Membership Account in accordance with clause

5.3. By sharing their Membership Number and password with any person, the Member agrees that We may share the Member’s Personal Information with that person and update the Member’s Personal Information in accordance with instructions received from that person.

5.5.1 A Member may appoint an Authorised Representative who can access and make transactions in relation to the Member’s Membership by completing the Authorised Representative Nomination Form and emailing a copy to the Membership Contact Centre from the email address specified in their Membership Account. The Member is responsible for ensuring that the Authorised Representative has agreed to be the Authorised Representative of the Member.