Judy’s Story  - Saved $25,000 In Flights


Judy operates an award winning hospitality business. She uses a corporate credit card for many of its expenses and spends a lot on her personal credit card, both of which has allowed her to collect a substantial balance of credit card reward points across a number of cards.
Like many of our clients, Judy is too focussed and busy on running her businesses and had never thought too much about what to do with her points. Even though she knew the points could be used to redeem items, she did think the value of the points would justify spending the effort to work out what to do with them.
In April, Judy joined iFLYflat upon the recommendation of a friend.


“A friend mentioned iFLYflat to me, specifically about a trip he had last minute to Hong Kong that cost him virtually nothing apart from his points. He mentioned how easy everything was, how accommodating the team were and how they seemed to manage to pull things out of a hat for him.

When I met with Steve, it seemed there were heaps of benefits of signing up. They would do the work for me much better than I could possibly do myself”


Our Services

Judy ended up signing up with us, and we offered her two main ongoing services — Business Points Advisory (turning her expenses into reward points) & Flight Concierge Service (finding and booking the hard-to-find points award seats)

Firstly, we analysed her travel desires, spending levels, current points and credit cards so that we were able to worked out a way for her to earn an additional 480,000 points valued up to $24,000 worth of flights over the next 12 months.

Spending exactly the same amount of money as before, but changing what was spent on what cards maximised her points accumulation. 
Secondly, we took care of the booking process for when Judy wanted to travel using her points, and how to use them much more effectively.




To Vietnam in Style

Judy wanted to make a trip to Vietnam taking 5 others with her and had relatively flexible travel schedule. We analysed a variety of airlines that matched their needs, and identified Singapore Airlines as the most effective use of points to fly business class for 6 people, in total using 561,000 points. This trip has a retail value of $25,000, which Judy was able to redeem with points from her existing points balance.


“I’ve only been a member for a short time, but have already managed to save nearly $25 000. It’s amazing to be able to fly 6 people on business class!”




Important Lessons

Reward points have great value, especially when used in the most effective way. In general, redeeming for business class flights provides 500% greater value than using it for household white goods.
Figuring out how to best earn and redeem points it is a time consuming and confusing process, so leave it to us, the experts in this field.


Photos by Judy

Photos by Judy

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If you have over 300,000 points now or $100,000 in business and/or personal spending per year, we recommend you contact us. At that spending level, you are missing out on access to cheap business class tickets. 

We are experts in tailoring a points maximisation and redeeming strategy and have experience in helping our customers to earn and redeem over 240 million points.

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