Flying Seven Business Class Trips For The Price Of One


“Sounds too good to be true,” is the first thing we hear from our clients before they work with us.

Hello, Steve Hui here and welcome to 2018.

I love the the season of new years because it offers us business owners (and operators) a chance to dream and plan ahead. Think about how far you’ve come from this time last year, and where you could be in another twelve months ahead.

We can’t predict everything, but there are things we can prevent and plan for. Talking to business owners everyday, one thing on each and everyone’s mind is surely TRAVEL.

Whether for business or personal, we all love to go abroad and expand our world (physically and mentally) through travelling. The tension lies, for most business owners, the cost of that travel.

“How can I afford to fly business class?”

“How can I take my entire team on this conference?”

“How can I get away for a family holiday without drawing from the business bottom line?”

These are just some of the questions we solve at iFLYflat. If you’re planning to travel this year and want to quit spending thousands on flying in economy, we may be your new best friend...


The Trick To Flying 7x

There’s no one ‘trick’ per-se, but knowing how to use reward points to give your business the competitive advantage.

Reward points are valuable, but the entire ecosystem is complex to understand and implement. That’s why our team exists, to make it simple, saving your business time and money all at once.

So what about the ‘7x’??? Well that’s relative to each business, we might save you 10x, or 12x - Here’s an example of one client we helped…

A business came to us with approx $90,000 in monthly expenses. Through our own Travel Program we did an audit of their key business expenses, created a strategy to earn them MORE points, and a clear direction to implement and redeem those points. (We only changed the way they paid their bills, they stayed with the same supplier)

The business was also paying for their travel with cash/EFT. Over $50,000 a year was being spent on travel, with the next trip to London coming up next. That trip would cost $8,000 retail to fly business class return.

Instead, they used our advice + their new earned points to book the flight. Over 12 months, as projected, they earned over 1.6 million points which is enough to book 8 return trips to London, giving them a 7x return on value. Using up their points on future trips to Europe will earn them back $64,000 in flight value.

Our fee for this client was a one-time $8,000 (roughly 20% of his first year savings).

Taking into account our fee, this client will save $54,000 in the first year, and continue to save over $64,000 in year 2, and year 3 onwards.

In terms of ROI, looking over three years is a 24x Return on Investment. (can anything else beat that return!)


Moral of the story is we need PARTNERSHIP.

iFLYflat exists so you can PARTNER with us, and in exchange we deliver NET VALUE and savings on flights to your business.

We work on a supercharged win-win model, and that’s why our clients (and the media) love us.

So instead of paying thousands of dollars of your business profits to fly economy or business class this year, why not invest in something that can give you the flexibility to travel more, for less. If you have expenses, you can be getting something back in your pocket.

Also, save yourself a headache trying to work it out yourself.

Our team will make your business travel affordable and simple.

So you can work, play and relax onboard.

The only question is, where would you like to go?

- Steve Hui

Want to fly more often in business class?

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Steve Hui