Christmas Shopping: How To Maximise Your Reward Points


...And just like that it’s the holiday season again! Oh’ how the time flies! While you’re probably thinking “I have so much shopping to do”, don’t forget to reward yourself too for all the spending that’s ahead.

After all, you’ll be needing those points for next years travel ideas. Not sure where to go yet? Take a look at some of these destinations to use your reward points towards.

In this quick guide we’ll show you some things to look out for to earn more frequent flyer points these holidays:


Step 1. Choose the right card

The first step to maximising reward points it ensuring you’re earning the right kind of points, from right kind of reward credit card. Ask yourself: Are you looking to fly with one specific airline, or multiple airlines? Did you know: some cards give you 3 points for supermarkets, while others give you 2 points for fuel. Every card is different, and they all have different reward programs attached.

Take the time to review your current credit card, checking that it’s earning the right type of points that will be valuable for your travel ahead. Keep a close eye out for points caps and spend limits too so you aren’t held back from accruing points.

The three biggest factors for choosing a card are:

  1. The type of points (and their value)

  2. The number of points earned per $1

  3. The rate of conversion to airlines (1 point = ?)

NOTE: iFLYflat does not give personal credit card advice, however, we do give advice to businesses to earn more reward points from their expenses.



Step 2. Arbitrage online shopping malls

The holiday period is a great time to make use of the bonus points on offer through various online ‘shopping malls’ run by airline programs. The most commonly known here in Australia would be the Qantas Mall and the Velocity eStore (Virgin).

For example: With Qantas you can earn ‘Christmas Bonus Points’ with selected retailers in the Qantas Mall. Stores such as David Jones, you can earn up to 10 points per $1* + double dip in points from paying with your rewards credit card. (*Subject to change)



Step 3. Keep watch of deals and offers

During the December and January, airline and credit programs ramp up their sales and offers to compete with holiday spending. This is a good opportunity to keep an eye on your inbox for deals that can earn you points, or save money on airfares.

If you have an American Express issued card, you can open the AMEX App to check for offers that are relevant to you. Some offers give you bonus points, while others give you cashback credit.

Other programs like Woolworth Rewards & Caltex, or BP & Velocity regularly run offers to program members to ‘fill up and earn’ bonus points. Every bonus point adds up. It’s not always fuel too, you may receive bonus points for booking accommodation or a third party retailer product.

If you’re planning to book an airfare, then keep an eye on the following for your airline of choice:

- Boxing Day sales
- New Year sales
- Australia Day sales

Websites such as Loyaltylobby and OzBargain also promote the word on the latest travel deals.   

Last Tip: Buying wine? Check out Qantas EpiQure for great bonus points on selected wine cases.

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Lachlan Nicolson