How to leverage your business spend to save travel costs


Each year, Australia spends over $21 Billion dollars on business travel. It's clear that travel is indispensable to trade, commerce and business expansion in a global economy. 

As Cathay Pacific coined, a ‘Life Well Travelled’ encourages new ideas, growth and opportunities. While we progress with technology to connect globally, there's still nothing to succeed the analogue handshake. That's why large companies invest more each year to fly staff around the globe and close deals.

Two things to note: Humans are wired for interpersonal connection, and the world is communicating globally more than ever. With more of us jumping on planes each year for business or leisure, it begs the question: how much are you spending to travel?

The truth is, the cost of business travel can be reduced by 50-70%. Not by switching to economy, by flying Business Class with Points. Let that sink in…


Turning points into profits

Every month businesses spend thousands of dollars paying for bills and accruing expenses of all kinds. We’re talking rent, utilities, advertising, supplies, service fees - and the list goes on. Some businesses even spend hundreds of thousands per month of their client’s money, most commonly real estate agents, wholesalers and marketing companies. 

All these expenses, and no return in value. That’s where points become so valuable. With the right credit card(s) and strategy, you could be earning 1 - 3 points per dollar on your expenses. Think about for a moment how much you could be earning…

Here’s the value: The best card, earning the best points = the best seat on the plane, at the best price!

Take a look at the example below...


Now imagine if you had a credit card with 2 points per dollar…


Introducing iFLYflat

This is where our business comes in to help. We’re Australia’s leading points and reward travel advisors, helping hundreds of businesses and individuals earn more points and fly ‘flat’ in Business Class affordably. In other words, we’re your new best friend!  

As a business owner, you need the right people to get you places. The truth is, airline loyalty programs and credit card systems are complex. The days of a free upgrade are over, and the gap between business class and economy isn’t getting slimmer. 

There’s a choice: You can either pay your way to the pointy end of the plane, or you can partner with our team to get you there faster, cheaper and smarter. 


Why pay more?

If you got the points, or have expenses to earn them - why would you still pay $5-10k for a business class ticket? Instead, we can use your points to fly you anywhere in the world for max $2500. Including GST and airline surcharges… Allowing you to get back to running your business and enjoy travelling. 

There’s nothing like knowing you can rest, work and play on-board and arrive fresh and focused at your destination! Some call us iFLYflat, some call us ‘iFLYhappy’ 😀 

If you got a business, learn more about how we can help you earn more points and redeem them for cheaper flights. 

Steve Hui is the Founder and CEO of iFLYflat. Learn more about him here

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