5 Amazing Business Benefits of iFLYflat


iFLYflat helps small to medium sized business fly business class affordably, by leveraging reward points in a smart way. 

Get value back from all your expenses

We reveal how your business can leverage flight value from your everyday expenses, including paying taxes.

Reduce your current travel spending 

You’ll know exactly how to turn your points into business class seats, for the lowest cost. Our clients regularly fly business class at 50% off normal prices. 

Save time and information overload

Do you have a spare 100 hours to research airlines, travel and credit card programs? We’ll take care of the fine print so you can focus on what matters > growing your company.

Reward your team and increase output 

Imagine flying your team in business class. Would you explore more global opportunities? Would your team feel inspired, empowered and more engaged? We think so.

Supercharge your travel IQ

Opt ahead by learning from Australia’s leading rewards experts. You won’t fall for another travel marketing trick or ‘deal’ again!

(A Bonus Point!)

There’s no risk! Our advice and service is all backed by our minimum ROI guarantee. If we can’t deliver, we don’t charge.

Lachlan Nicolson