Changes To Our Flights Concierge Booking Fees

Steve Hui, onboard Etihad First Class

Year on year, we aim to improve our service and offerings to make it easier to understand and for you to use.
For 2019, we have made changes to our Points Flight Booking Concierge fees:
We’re changing from a tax-inclusive flat price to a booking fee + tax price model.

Why the change?

[1] Clarity and easier to understand fees - A lot of people misunderstood, thinking that our tax-inclusive flat price was the booking fee, unaware that price was fully inclusive of airline fees and taxes.

[2] To pass-thru the benefits of lower fees and taxes if you are flying on a lower taxed airline+destinations combination. But the flip side is that some other airline+destination combinations will cost more.

Some prices are higher, other prices are lower. Overall, the total average prices work out about the same.

Click Here (PDF) to View the comparison between the two models.

When will the fees change?

For new to iFLYflat clients, the new booking fee+taxes pricing is active now.

For existing clients, we are providing a long transition period to 31st March 2019 – where you’ll have the best of both worlds.  We will apply the lower pricing model to any flight bookings requested before 31st March 2019.

Looking at our data, using points - we save an average of $5,100 per ticket compared to the price of the same travel agent ticket. We’re really proud of the savings our team delivers.

If you have not used our Flights Finder Concierge before, please read our Concierge Explainer
Thank you for your support.

Steve Hui

“Fly flat = Fly happy”

“Fly flat = Fly happy”

Steve Hui