Why a Testimonial is the Best Gift you can give to a Small Business 🙌 💖🙏


5 reasons why:

  1. RECOGNITION - Small businesses are small teams. The whole team is generally working closely together on delivering the best customer experience and providing on the promise of the service. Receiving a nice testimonial from a client is the ultimate recognition of the work they've put into the work because they know the client did not have to do that, it is felt in the heart. 💖

  2. ENERGY - The energy of a small team can be instantly transmitted across the office, or in our case, via WhatsApp. When I receive a Facebook or Google review, I will screenshot it and share it with everyone. Instantly, I can feel the smile on their faces.

  3. SEEK TO DO BETTER - Recognition of a good job is the reinforcement that what the team is doing is the right thing, they are on the right track and it’s being noticed. So great teams will double-down and enhance their output.

  4. MEMORY - As with any compliment given, the team remembers who took the extra effort to give them kudos, and will expend super-effort to ensure their next interaction will continue to be amazing.

  5. SOCIAL PROOF - Small businesses often offer niche services, which means many of their leads do not yet know if this service will suit them (or they don't know if they need it). By sharing testimonials of their experiences on Google etc, it will attract more clients and help build the business into a more robust entity, and enable it the resources to reinvest to make it even better business to service your needs.

I really appreciate every one of our clients who takes the special time to share their experiences and leaves such lovely testimonials on Google.

- Steve Hui, CEO & Founder

Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Steve Hui