Using airline miles to get to your next marathon


Getting ready to run this year?

Australians love marathons, both here and abroad. With so many opportunities to run around the world, many are investing exploring the global runs to create unique marathon memories that are sure to last the distance.

Marathons require a significant commitment to train, and cost a lot of time, effort and money to preparing for the big run. With so much on the line, there’s also pressure on your personal budget to cover the high tech equipment, clothing, shoes and event fees, and that’s before counting the travel costs.

That’s where reward points (miles) can help reduce your flight costs and enable you to a real prize - business class. (Use your miles to run the miles…)

The Benefits Of Using Points:


Book ahead in advance.

Most airlines begin to release their reward seats twelve months or less ahead. Using points to book a seat far in advance is an affordable way to get your flight fixed up early, without the big price-tag.

It’s more common to see business class seats appear available four to six months in advance. Economy seats, however, appear more regularly and are easier to find ahead.


Cancel or change last minute.

Changing or cancelling a flight can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you booked a sale fare. A cancellation or change (if allowed), can set you back hundreds of dollars. Booking with points, however, is more flexible.

Most airlines only charge a small fee in points (rarely cash), for changing or cancelling a flight booked with points. Upon cancellation the airline program refunds your points into your account again. This is also much quicker than refunding any cash tickets back to your bank account or credit card (which can take days to a week), or sometimes you will at best only get an airline credit valid for 3 months.


Low cost and fixed budget.

Did you know the average long-haul business class return trip is in the range of $8,000 per person? That level of spend will push most travellers budgets to breaking point, but using your points to fly business can cost you about the same as economy. When using points, the only cost to cover is the airline fuel surcharges and associated taxes. Depending on the airline and route, they can range between a few hundred to sometimes a thousand dollars.

Another benefit of reward flight bookings is they are fixed to a set number of points, that rarely change.

For example: it costs 120,000 Qantas points to fly return to Hong Kong or Singapore in business class from Sydney, year-round. But the retail price fluctuates between $3,500 to $8,000! 

Cash-based tickets go up and down in price depending on the demand and timing of your ticket, but the number of points required don’t fluctuate, (the only variable is finding the limited number of points seats). This allows you to save more money to fly business or economy using your points, giving you more cash for a nice hotel and other costs.


Put your feet up after a big run.

In economy you can barely move your feet or get your knees up!

Flying business class is the only way to stretch your legs out and have reward yourself with the free champagne for your hard-earned efforts.

In business, you can get a fully-flat bed rest, both there and back. This is just one of the many benefits that you can enjoy up the front of the plane. Work, rest and play onboard = a unique and amazing travel journey.


"Plenty of space to sit back and relax after a long run!" - Steve Hui

"Plenty of space to sit back and relax after a long run!" - Steve Hui


Need some inspiration to get you training?

Popular Upcoming Marathons 2018:

Points are calculated as flying from the Australian East Coast (+ taxes)


Singapore - Sundown Marathon - 19th May

116,000 KrisFlyer miles (business class return), or 58,000 in economy



Germany - BMW Berlin Marathon - 24th September

210,000 KrisFlyer miles (business class return), or 58,000 in economy

or 256,000 Qantas points (business class return)



China - Shanghai International Marathon - 12th November

144,000 Qantas points (business class return), or 70,000 in economy



Myanmar - Bagan Temple Marathon - 26th November

116,000 KrisFlyer miles (business class return), or 58,000 in economy

or 135,000 Asia Miles (business class return)



New Zealand - ASB Auckland Marathon - Late November 2018

67,700 Velocity points (business class return), or 33,800 in economy

or 72,000 Qantas points (business class return)



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