Common Questions

+ Who is iFLYflat?


+ How do I benefit from a points plan?


+ Do I have time for this?

Your time is valuable. You'll save plenty of it by employing our team to create a points plan that works for you the first time around. This means you won't have to spend hours researching the entire world of reward points, systems and airlines. (That would be a real waste of your time.)

You might also be thinking: "I'll just get my accountant to do this!" Our tip there is to ask your accountant if they are flying Business Class at 50% less than retail prices. If their answer is no, give us a call. If their answer is yes, give us a call anyway.

+ Will this cost me more?

If you're currently paying full price to fly Business Class: You will save thousands of dollars off every flight, and tens of thousands of dollars each year, if you travel more than once.

If you're currently paying full price to fly Economy Class, and you travel overseas frequently or domestically, you can still save between 30% and 50% off your travel.

If you are earning points but not doing it properly, you could be wasting money. If you are earning points but using them to fly incorrectly (points+pay, upgrades etc.) then you are also wasting money. Our Points Plan will save you thousands of dollars every year by NOT making another mistake with your points again.

If you don't travel, but want to...Or you fly Economy but want to fly Business Class for a similiar price (but don't want to pay 4x more in airfares) - you will save money with an iFLYflat Business Points Plan.

+ What's the expected ROI?


Book a call with our Points Advisor and we’ll answer any questions.